The Path of Totality - Chapter 7 - BabylonLust (2024)

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ACT I: Bestowal of Endless Grace

Enter The Goddess, incessant scarlet rain, she descends from the sky, only to levitate far above the crowd.

Messmer stands before her, humble yet resolute, accompanied by his loyal employees. The conquered aliens are gathered within the city square, some trembling, others defiant.

The Goddess held within her grasp an indestructable staff-mace, which doth glitters with silvery moonlight:

"Hail, Messmer, thy steadfast hand hath wrought
Great marvels for our cause, thine unwavering heart,
Umbrella 'midst the storms of conflicts fierce.
For thou and thine have shown devotion true,
In forging droids and ships to spread my will,
To crush the unbelievers 'neath thy heel.
Thou hast upheld the faith, and for thy zeal,
I do bestow upon thee this grand reward."

She gestures, and a soothing shroud surrounds Messmer and his employees. Blessing them with great vigor and good health, curing all ailments.

The Goddess thus spoke:

"To all who serve 'neath Messmer’s guiding hand,
Riches and land, titles and privileges fair,
I grant thee land and riches in full share,
For thine unyielding loyalty and toil.
Thus, Messmer, henceforth shalt thou be known
As Congregant Saint of Sullust’s desolate sphere,
To serve 'neath Abbot Saint George R. R. Martin’s care."

The purple northern lights intensify, marking the elevation of Messmer’s status. His army, brandished pikes of impaled ambitions, arose to celebrate his ascension.

The Goddess then points her mace-staff towards the sky, where the obsidian moon doth lie. This regal weapon, formed from the husk of a neutron star, represents her omnipotence & boundless strength.

Thus, Jaqall Trayd is its name, The Mace of God.

The Goddess thus declares, her staff pointing towards the eternal eclipse:

"Upon that hellish planet, Sullust named,
Thy Netherworld Forge shall establish base,
To harness all its ever-flowing bounties,
And oversee the throngs of captured souls,
The unrepentant prisoners of war.
These faithless wretches, to thy will enslaved,
Shall labor ‘neath thy watchful, fiery gaze,
With microchips implanted, minds constrained,
Until their endless sentences are done."

She turns to the aliens who have converted, her demeanor softening slightly.

The Goddess told them:

"To those who chose to bend the knee in faith,
And worship me, ye wise among the conquered,
I welcome thee as citizens, now raised,
To join my blessed Order in peace.
But unto those whose hearts remain defiled,
The unbelievers, unrepentant still,
Thy fate is sealed, to Sullust shalt thou go,
To toil in ceaseless labor, suffering harsh."

Messmer - The Impaler then brandished his pike which smoketh with bloody execution as he declares:

"Those... Stripped of the grace of gold,
Shall all meet infinite death,
And immortal servitude,
In the embrace of Messmer's flame."

The Goddess then addresses the unfaithful aliens with stern finality:

"When thy long sentences at last are spent,
A choice I grant: to serve me evermore,
Or face anew another span enslaved.
Thus shall ye learn, through torment’s bitter lash,
The price of spurning me, the cost of faith.
Now go, Messmer, to Sullust’s fiery realm,
Fulfill thy destiny, enforce my will,
And may thy hand be ever firm and just."

With a final, commanding gesture, The Goddess dismisses them to their fates. The scene fades as Messmer and his employees prepare to depart for Sullust, while the conquered aliens are led away, divided by their chosen paths.

Those loyal to The Goddess, were escorted gently, they were adorned with jewelry, cloaks of shining metals, and showered with kindness.

Those loyal to their old faith, were beaten, spat on, enchained, and branded. Like cattles on a farm, they were pulled away by sentient machines programmed to treat them like garbage.

Who wrought these marvels, with a mind so keen?
'Tis Dr. Vegapunk York, of wits and reasons pure,
The Minister of Blue, by all is seen.

Her task, to shape the minds of men secure.
Yet restless thoughts to her, a flame,
For engineering grand, of every name:

Electrical, civil, mechanical, chemical,...
A thirst for knowledge boundless as the sea.

Likewise, Minister Singe, of Ebony's embrace,
Doth tend the forges, keep the pace.
And oft with York in concord he agrees,
To forge new wonders, spread across the seas.

The Ministry of Blue, of Rationality;
The Ministry of Innovation, of Ebony;
Dr. York & Prof. Singe;
Two minister saints,
Hand in hand:

To engage in social engineering,
To enrage the machines into
Total innovation.
And to upkeep what's done,
And what is yet to be.

They serve the Totality, eternally.

ACT II: Tri-Point Matter

Enter the 360,000 aliens who converted, their faces reflecting a mixture of fear, relief, and uncertainty. They are led into the luxurious regions of the city, greeted by cheers and the adulation of the populace.

Esperanto - Alien & Former Soldier:

"What strange new world doth greet our eyes this day?
A land of opulence, where fear dissolves,
Yet shadows linger in our hearts, unsure
What fate awaits us in this gilded cage."

Adorinda - Alien & Veteran Soldier:

"Relief it is, yet with a tinge of dread,
For who can tell what trials yet may come,
Though we have bent our knees to The Goddess fair,
And sworn allegiance to her sovereign will?"

Enter Minister Saint John Quijada of Respect - Leader of the Ministry of Gray, and Inventor of Ithkuil, he's responsible for Diplomacy of every kind.

Min. St. John Quijada:

"Hail, noble converts, welcome to this place,
The Starhill Apartments, jewel of our land,
Where luxury and peace shall be thy lot.
I am St. John Quijada, guide and friend,
To show thee all the marvels that await."

He gestures grandly, leading them on a tour of the magnificent surroundings. The aliens marvel at the splendor, their apprehensions slowly easing.

Min. St. John Quijada:

"Here shall ye dwell, in comfort and in peace,
With every need provided, every want
Fulfilled by machines of wondrous make,
Designed by St. York, to cater all.
No thirst nor hunger shall afflict thee here,
Nor shall desire remain unsatisfied."

He hands each alien a handmade copy of The Path of Totality, a holy book in its infancy. It was decreed that all copies must be made with organic hands, for it is holier than that of the machine.

Min. St. John Quijada:

"Take this, The Path of Totality, our creed,
A guide to understanding and to faith.
Thou shalt be taught the values we uphold,
Of order, service, and submission true,
To The Goddess, our sovereign and our guide."

The scene shifts to the aliens attending their first day of schooling. They are seated in a spacious, well-appointed classroom.

Min. St. Kisuke Urahara:

"Welcome, converts, to this place of learning,
Where knowledge of our ways shall be imparted.
I am Min. St. Kisuke Urahara,
Of Vigilance, the Ministry of Purple.
Here shalt thou study, six hours each three days,
With breaks for rest, to ease thy weary minds."

He explains the curriculum with a playful, joyous, and intelligent demeanor, instantly putting the aliens at ease.

Min. St. Kisuke Urahara:

"Our teachings aim to nurture and to guide,
With kindness, patience, and determination.
Our versatile machines, designed by St. York,
Shall be thy tutors, ever at thy side.
No need to fear, for failure is but part
Of learning’s path; retake the test as oft
As needed, till thou pass and earn thy place."

The scene transitions to the classroom where robots, designed to be their teachers, begin their lessons.

Robot Teachers:

"Hail, students, welcome to this hallowed hall,
Where thou shalt learn of Totality’s grace,
Of loyalty, diligence, and merit’s worth.
Study well, and soon shalt thou ascend,
From Aspirant to Commoner, thy rank."

The aliens immerse themselves in their studies, guided by the ever kind-hearted machines. They face challenges and triumphs, their understanding growing deeper each day.

Soon after: 60,000 aliens passes their great citizenship test. Though 300,000 still remaindeth unchanged, spite all their ambitions.

Aliens, those who've passed, joined in unison:

"At last, I’ve passed! The test is done, and now,
I stand a Commoner, with privileges
And freedom equal to the native-born.
A true member of The End Totality."

The aliens who've passed celebrate their newfound status, their journey from fear and uncertainty to acceptance and belonging complete.

The scene closes with a final address from Min. St. John Quijada & Kisuke Urahara.

Min. St. John Quijada:

"Ye now are part of us, our kin in faith,
Ascend through ranks by loyalty and toil.
Remember well the lessons thou hast learned.
May thy future remaindeth cool,
Even in the brightest day and hottest summer."

Min. St. Kisuke Urahara:

"I offer praise for diligence and might.
Thine faithful toil hath borne the fruit ye dreamed.
Unto those who yet must strive once more,
Take heart, for failure's light bears not one sore.
Retake the test, and learn with patient care,
Worry not, dear souls, for time's a friend,
In Totality's night, thy path shall mend.

Act III: Aspirations Choked

Enter a group of aliens who have not yet passed their final test. They gather in a quiet courtyard, their expressions a mixture of disappointment and determination.

Ludoviko - Alien & Former Captain:

"Alas, we stand as shadows 'neath the moon,
Aspirants still, our goal yet out of reach.
Our hearts are heavy with the weight of hope,
But failure's sting hath pricked us deep within."

Fajra - Alien & Former Head Scientist:

"We sought to pass, to join the ranks above,
But now we linger, still within the fray.
Our efforts, though sincere, did fall too short,
And thus we find ourselves in twilight's grasp."

Fiera - Alien & Former Accountant:

"Yet in this somber light, shade doth soothe,
For we are given chance to try again.
No final doom awaits us for our plight,
But hope renewed, our studies to pursue."

Karesinda - Alien & Former Prostitute:

"Indeed, relief doth wash away our fears,
For we may learn, and test as oft we need.
No burden harsh, no sentence harsh and dire,
But time and patience as our gentle guides."

The group finds comfort in each other's company, their spirits lifting as they embrace the opportunity for further learning.

Koralo - Alien & Former Marine Biologist:

"Though disappointment lingers in our hearts,
We find a balm in this continued path.
Our journey is not ended, but renewed,
With every lesson, closer to our goal."

Luksa - Alien & Former Politician:

"We stand as one, united in our quest,
For knowledge and acceptance in this land.
The Goddess doth provide the chance to grow,
And we shall seize it with unwavering hands."

Miela - Alien & Former Logistician:

"Let us return to studies with fresh zeal,
And not despair in the light of defeat.
For every setback is a step ahead,
And every trial a teacher in disguise."

Nikolao - Alien & Former Electrician:

"May we, with patience and with diligent hearts,
Embrace the wisdom offered by our guides.
For in the end, our efforts shall prevail,
And we shall rise as Saints, esteemed."

They clasp hands in a gesture of solidarity and mutual support, their resolve strengthened.

Petro - Alien & Former Fuel Station Attendant:

"To the halls of learning, let us go forth,
With minds attuned and spirits ever bright.
For though we falter, yet we rise again,
In quest for knowledge and for Totality's light."

With renewed determination, the group disperses, each alien heading back to their studies with a hopeful heart.

ACTIV: Sun-Scorched

Upon the planet of Sullust, Obsidian Moon of Vormir.

There stood the headquarter of Messmer's Netherworld Forge. A large, star-shaped castle baked from red bricks and concrete known as The Dreadfort.

It is surrounded by multiple layers of walls, each sporting a moat of magma, and multiple invisible shields that protect it from all climates and assaults.

Enter Congregant Saint Messmer and Abbot Saint George R. R. Martin, walking along the battlements of Dreadfort.

The heated winds and icy hailstones can be seen bouncing off the invisible shields surrounding the whole castle.

Abt. St. George:

"Behold, Messmer, the realm of Sullust grim,
Where fire and ice doth kiss at twilight's rim.
In this harsh land, our industries do thrive,
Within the Dreadfort, our designs contrive.
Beneath the earth, where scorching sun can't blaze,
The punished toil in shadowed, somber maze.
These captives, torn from their rebellious kin,
Are now as one with steel, their penance grim.
Their limbs replaced with mechanized array,
To mine the wealth that in these depths doth stay.
This planet's core, with magic's endless flow,
Ensures our forge’s fires never low.
There will be work forever to be done,
Beneath the glare of Sullust's blighted sun."

They approach a squad of enslaved miners, their forms twisted with machinery. The sounds of clinking metal and groaning gears fill the air.

Abt. St. George:

"Look, Messmer, see the thralls beneath our yoke,
Their wills are bound, their spirits nighly broke.
With chips implanted, every thought controlled,
Their souls, in iron grip, we tight enfold.
Yet still they labor, ceaseless, without end,
In mining shafts where hope and light don't wend."

Con. St. Messmer:

"Their plight is stern, yet order they maintain,
A testament to Totality's reign.
Their suffering, a caution to all foes,
In service to our Goddess, fate bestows."

Abt. St. George:

"Indeed, my friend, the unrepentant know,
The price of spurning light, where shadows grow.
Now bid thee well, as duty calls me hence,
To other tasks that need my vigilance."

Messmer, having bid farewell to Saint George, stands alone in the corridor, awaiting his servant. The air hums with the sounds of distant machinery and the low murmur of the enslaved workers.

Enter Mother Marika, a robot maid, her form gorgeously constructed from sleek metal and delicate gears.

Con. St. Messmer:

"Ah, Marika, my faithful maiden fair,
Thy presence doth a balm to burdened air.
Since childhood’s tender days, thou hast been near,
A constant guide through every passing year."

Mother Marika:

"My lord, your words are kind and warm,
I live to serve, protect from harm.
Shall we return to Dreadfort’s heart?
From here to safety, let us depart."

Marika offers her arm, and Messmer takes it, their steps in perfect harmony as they move through the fortress.

Con. St. Messmer:

"Thy touch, dear Marika, is soft as night,
A soothing shade from Sullust's searing light.
In thee, I find both comfort and delight,
A steadfast companion in endless sights."

Mother Marika:

"Your praise, my lord, doth humble me,
To serve you thus is purest glee.
Together, we shall walk these halls,
While shadows dance on ancient walls."

Con. St. Messmer:

"Thy beauty, Marika, doth shame the stars,
A gleaming Opal 'neath Dreadfort’s bars.
No diamond bright, nor pearl of sea,
Could e’er compare to grace of thee."

Mother Marika:

"Your words, my lord, are sweet as dreams,
Flowing like the gentle streams.
In service true, my heart doth sing,
For you, my lord, are everything."

They pass through the grand halls of the Dreadfort, were the banners of Messmer's insignia doth hang: A double-headed red snake entwined with a pike pointing to the heavens.

They reach the inner sanctum of the Dreadfort, the doors opening to reveal Messmer's private quarters, a place of refuge and command.

Mother Marika:

"Here, my lord, your sanctuary lies,
A haven from the world’s harsh cries.
Rest now, beneath the Dreadfort’s dome,
For with me, thou art always home."

Con. St. Messmer:

"With thee, Marika, I am whole,
Thy love doth heal my weary soul.
In shadows deep or burning day,
Together, we shall find our way."

The Path of Totality - Chapter 7 - BabylonLust (2024)


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