Fortnite: Best 1v1 Maps (2024)


  • Fortnite's creative mode offers an extensive range of games for players to enjoy with friends and family, including Escape Rooms, Hide and Seek, Aim Training, and 1v1 games.
  • There are various 1v1 maps available in Fortnite, ranging from beginner-friendly maps to more intense and competitive ones. Players can choose maps that suit their skill level and playstyle.
  • The best 1v1 maps in Fortnite allow players to practice and master their building, aiming, and combat skills. These maps can help players improve their performance in Battle Royale matches.

Fortnite’s creative mode features an extensive range of new games for fans to play with their friends and family. This includes Escape Rooms, Hide and Seek, Aim Training map codes, and 1v1 games. In 1v1 games, two players battle against each other to prove who is the better player. These maps allow individual players to test their Battle Royale skills while exploring different fun and engaging modes in Fortnite.


Fortnite Hide and Seek Codes

Fortnite players looking to add to their experience with the Hide and Seek mode can use these codes to try out various different areas and maps.

Since Fortnite allows anyone to create games freely, there’s an extensive range of 1v1 maps available to play. Some feature amazing game mechanics and graphics, while others are highly competitive, only attracting the best Fortnite players. This makes selecting a 1v1 map quite challenging and overwhelming, making it essential to know the best 1v1 maps in Fortnite.

6 Slow Motion 1v1s

Beginner-Friendly Boxfight

Fortnite: Best 1v1 Maps (2)
  • Map code: 8534-2582-6519
  • Creator: vizeloo

Slow Motion 1v1s is a Fortnite beginner-friendly box fight map with zero delay. Learning how to build quickly and efficiently during heated one-on-one battles takes time and patience, and this map helps players master this skill slowly. In Slow Motion 1v1s, everything is slowed down to ensure players master their controls and get more comfortable with building and fighting.

The map makes it easier to practice complex builds like 90s and how to seamlessly implement them into play. Veteran Fortnite players may also use Slow Motion 1v1s to warm up and practice, but it’s more suited for beginners who are overwhelmed by Fortnite’s fast-paced nature.

5 Piece Control 1v1

Intense Boxfight and Practice in the Game

  • Map code: 8298-6891-9930
  • Creator: bullseye

Piece Control 1v1 is a popular Fortnite duo map due to the intense Boxfights and practice it offers. Two players face off against each other using brand-new load-outs and courses, and only the best can win. Piece Control 1v1 is quite fast-paced, requiring players to place their builds quickly, fire, and aim within the shortest time.


Fortnite: Best Edit Course Codes

Want to improve your Fortnite in-game editing and building skills? Here are the best edit course codes.

This allows players to sharpen their building and aiming skills to excel in Battle Royale. From building walls to block incoming fire to creating cones to block opponents from building, there are plenty of Fortnite building techniques and combat skills players can practice on this map.

4 Pandvil 1v1 0 Delay

Best Boxfight Map

Fortnite: Best 1v1 Maps (5)
  • Map code: 1469-4297-5714
  • Creator: pandvilnetwork

Pandvil 1v1 0 Delay is a Boxfight map that allows players to practice their building and battlefield skills. This map has no delay, and matchmaking is enabled to ensure gamers can play with friends and family. Players can reset quickly thanks to the map’s build reset button and choose 185 or 200 HP (Health Points).

The map features simple and practical in-game mechanisms that make it easy for people to play. Pandvil 1v1 0 Delay is one of the best box fight maps, allowing players to master various building mechanisms such as coning, 90s, and tunneling. Since building structures is a big part of the Battle Royale, practicing on this map is crucial to winning matches.

3 1v1 Build Fights! (4.6.4)

A Sleek, Minimalistic Map

Fortnite: Best 1v1 Maps (6)
  • Map code: 1832-0431-4852
  • Creator: raider464

1v1 Build Fights! (4.6.4) is a competitive duo map featuring a sleek and minimalist design. It's very straightforward and has everything players need to battle against a friend to prove who's the best. The map is always updated to match Fortnite’s loot pool, allowing players to battle with some of their favorite Chapter 5, Season 1 weapons.

1v1 Build Fights! (4.6.4) is highly competitive, and many great Fortnite players use it to polish their combat, building, and firing skills. So, high-ranking players will enjoy facing off against players within the same rank. However, beginner players should avoid this map.

2 BHE 1v1 Build Fights عاركني بالبناء 戦い

A PVP, Boxfight, and Practice Map

Fortnite: Best 1v1 Maps (7)
  • Map code: 8064-7152-2934
  • Creator: bhe

BHE 1v1 Build Fights is one of Fortnite's most popular duo creative maps due to its practical and simple features. Players can access all types of weapon rarities, from common to epic and rare, and they reset quickly. The map features high FPS for the ultimate gaming experience and has no delay.


Fortnite Escape Room Codes (December 2023)

Fortnite Creative Mode allows for truly unique creations from the community, and the escape rooms are one of the best examples of this.

BHE 1v1 Build Fights also has hidden secrets for players to find while battling opponents. The creator, BHE, frequently updates the map to keep up with Fortnite’s ever-changing weapon pool. So, players don’t have to worry about using vaulted weapons in combat fights. Since this 1v1 map is quite popular, players can easily find opponents through matchmaking.

1 Speed Realistics (1v1)

The Best Solo Fighting Practice

Fortnite: Best 1v1 Maps (9)
  • Map code: 0550-1651-3094
  • Creator: morebeans

Speed Realistics (1v1) is one of the best maps for players to practice combat skills such as aiming and firing. It has zero wait time and offers realistic fights, where players get random loots and experience fall damage. As a Boxfight, Training, and Practice map, Speed Realistics (1v1) offers the best duo experience in Fortnite.

Speed Realistics (1v1) also has a leaderboard that’s updated weekly, ensuring the best can show off their Battle Royale skills. Those who want to practice Fortnite’s Battle Royale or polish their building and combat skills should consider playing this map. It garners over 6.6k active players, ensuring players can quickly find opponents to battle with through matchmaking.

Fortnite: Best 1v1 Maps (10)
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July 25, 2017
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Fortnite: Best 1v1 Maps (2024)


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