Forex Millionaire: The Concepts Made me $15 Million Trading (2024)

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Dec 18, 2023


Forex Millionaire: The Concepts Made me $15 Million Trading (2)

The Key to Achieving Forex Millionaire Status Goes Beyond Practice and having the best trading Methodology

Many claim that constant practice and employing the best trading methodology are the secrets to becoming a Forex millionaire. However, the reality is far more complex.

I’ve dedicated substantial time and effort to test over 150 trading indicators, experiment with more than 20 trading strategies, attend numerous seminars, and extensively research online.

Yet, none of these endeavors have led me to the desired outcome.

Why is that the case?

It’s because the path to Forex trading success, particularly to become a millionaire, goes beyond practice and finding the perfect trading methodology.

So, what truly is the secret? The investor’s perspective.

Let’s be clear: we’re discussing becoming a Forex millionaire, not someone with a net worth of $1 million through alternative ventures like real estate or other assets.

In this context, I’ve studied the approaches of over five highly successful financial traders who have made fortunes from trading — individuals such as George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, and Bruce Kovner.

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What I’ve discovered is that these individuals view trading as an investment opportunity rather than a mere speculative game.

Their focus is on long-term profitability and sustainable growth, rather than short-term gains.

What does this mean?

These billionaire traders understand the principles of wealth management and apply them to their trading concepts, which has enabled them to achieve extraordinary financial milestones through trading.

Believe me, these principles still hold in today’s financial landscape.

However, what do all these billionaire traders have in common? A hedge fund management company.

What does a Hedge Fund Management Company do?

They trade using investors’ capital and share the profits, utilizing the concept of “compounding returns.

The focus lies in how can you attract these High Net Worth Individual (HNI) investors and initiate contact with them because you must also be outspoken and understand how they perceive financial investments so you won’t sounds like a scammer.

It’s beyond the scope of this context but there’s still an opportunity to secure up to $250,000 in live funding, even for those who may be introverted or hesitant to engage with investors to invest with their trading.

Addressing the challenges faced by traders in such situations, I decided to allocate $10 million in Escrow of my capital to support skilled traders lacking the necessary funds to compound returns.

When these traders made profits, they received 70% of the earnings, while I retained 30%.

Just like this trader who made $1733 in profits trading with us and received $1213.

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That’s a Good ROI for every struggling trader, you can Enroll if you want to become a successful trader.

Approaching the market from an investor’s perspective is a highly significant concept in trading.

It means recognizing that the forex market is not merely a place to make money, but rather an opportunity to grow your capital.

Here’s the truth:

You cannot achieve wealth through forex trading solely with your capital; you need the support of investors’ funds. That’s why forex billionaires like George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, and Bruce Kovner all have hedge fund companies.

This approach serves as the foundation for embarking on the journey of becoming a forex trader and working towards millionaire status. Why? Because the larger your capital, the greater your potential returns per successful trade.

I can explain.

Using a risk-to-reward ratio of 3:10, we risk 3% of our capital to potentially earn 10% for each trade.

For example, if you trade with a position size of $1,000, you would risk $30 to potentially earn $100.

To maximize profits, we focus on trading less frequently. This means selecting only the best trades each month.

For every five successful trades, we achieve a 50% return on our investment, totaling $500.

Let’s do the math.

After five successful trades in a month, you would achieve a 50% return on your investment, amounting to $500.

By consistently selecting the best trades each month, you would reach a 100% return on investment within a month.

Over 12 months, your return on investment would reach 600%, equaling $6,000.

While it’s inevitable to encounter losses, if we subtract the initial $1,000 from the $6,000, we’re left with a 500% return on investment, amounting to $5,000.

By repeating this process with a $10,000 trading account, a 500% return on investment yields $50,000, and with a $100,000 account, it yields $500,000.

There is no other investment vehicle in the world capable of producing such impressive returns, which is what makes trading superior.

A study by Barclay Hedge revealed that, on average, hedge funds in its universe generated net annualized gains of 7.2 percent.

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Even billionaire forex traders like George Soros and their hedge fund companies achieve an average annual return on investment of 20%, and their investors are happy with it.

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However, it’s crucial to remember that trading comes with inherent risks, so it’s advisable to manage expectations.

The higher your capital, the lower the risks and the greater the investment returns.

Note: You don’t need more risk, you need more money but less risk.

Now you understand the essence of this concept.

Rather than attempting to turn a $1,000 account into $100,000, which could expose you to unfavorable market conditions and potential account loss, it’s wiser to focus on compounding returns and secure larger funds.

That’s how you pave the way to becoming a millionaire.

Now, back to my story.

Here is the video version.

Forex Millionaire: The Concepts Made me $15 Million Trading (7)

In the final quarter of 2021, my life took an unexpected turn with a phone call from one of my dedicated Forex students, Josh.

Josh had been following my YouTube channel, where I shared my trading style and accurate market predictions from my trader talk videos.

He was impressed by my expertise, so he reached out to inform me about an incredible opportunity that could reshape my career.

Forex Millionaire: The Concepts Made me $15 Million Trading (8)

Josh revealed that a prestigious multi-millionaire fund management company he was associated with was seeking a skilled Forex trader to manage funds on their behalf.

After numerous discussions, they invited me for a meeting that had the potential to propel my career to new heights.

To my greatest surprise, the company spared no expense in making me feel welcome.

Not only was I whisked away to the meeting on a private jet.

Forex Millionaire: The Concepts Made me $15 Million Trading (9)

an experience that exemplified the magnitude of the opportunity that awaited me, but I was also lodged in the most expensive hotel in Doha. The Four Seasons Hotel!

Forex Millionaire: The Concepts Made me $15 Million Trading (10)

During the meeting, I had the chance to showcase my trading skills and demonstrate my proficiency in navigating the complex world of Forex.

I presented my trading track record and shared valuable insights that resonated with the public.

The company was thoroughly impressed by my achievements based on my track records and the depth of knowledge I possessed.

They displayed unwavering confidence in my abilities by entrusting me with a substantial capital of $15 million to trade on their behalf.

This remarkable opportunity not only transformed my career but also enabled me to generate $15 million in profits through Forex trading.

If you’d like to delve into the full story, you can watch it here:

I am Dapo Willis.

I started trading the forex market when I was 17 and since then, I have gathered experiences enough to allow me to become successful trading the forex market.

Here is the link to an article where I detail my background and experience with forex trading.

So, what trading approach and strategy do I use that made these investors invest in my trading?

My trading approach involves the use of top-down analysis.

You may ask, What is Top-Down Analysis?

Top-down analysis involves the use of higher time frames such as weekly and monthly, to anticipate the overall direction of the market, and then take my entries on lower time frames like the 4-hour or 1-hour in the direction of the higher timeframe.

So here is how I do it

I make use of the monthly timeframe to draw my key levels in the market.

Forex Millionaire: The Concepts Made me $15 Million Trading (11)

Next, I drop lower to the weekly timeframe to identify chart patterns.

Forex Millionaire: The Concepts Made me $15 Million Trading (12)

I then go to the daily timeframe to check for more convincing patterns and/or place my entries.

In this case, the daily timeframe is my entry time frame.

Forex Millionaire: The Concepts Made me $15 Million Trading (13)

So what strategy did I use to enter into this trade exactly?

It was Head and Shoulders + retest.

Let’s analyze more critically.

As you can see, the market had formed this beautiful head and shoulders pattern on the weekly timeframe, which became more obvious on the daily timeframe.

Forex Millionaire: The Concepts Made me $15 Million Trading (14)

As you can recall, the head and shoulders pattern indicates a change in the direction of the market.

The break and retest of the neckline plus the pin bar that was formed on the daily timeframe, all alluded to the fact that the market was changing its direction.

Forex Millionaire: The Concepts Made me $15 Million Trading (15)

And I took my entry accordingly.

Simple and without the use of any indicator.

So, this is my approach and how I trade the forex market.

I understand that just one example would not be enough to illustrate how I trade.

So, if you want to know how I combine different price action patterns to deliver an entry, then you should check out this article.

In this section, I share with you 3 major things you need to do to make $15 Million from Forex trading.

Achieving a $15 million profit from trading forex requires a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise.

Your ability to interpret market movements and navigate the trading arena relies heavily on your understanding of market dynamics.

To acquire this essential knowledge, it is crucial to invest in your education.

Seek out reliable sources such as seminars, webinars, courses, and even free educational content available on platforms like YouTube, including my own channel.

To facilitate your learning journey, the Forex Mastery course has been specifically designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and the necessary skill set to navigate the complexities of the Forex market.

Additionally, my free YouTube channel offers valuable resources, such as Traders Talk, where I release weekly videos discussing potential market opportunities with traders and how they can leverage them to their advantage.

Forex Millionaire: The Concepts Made me $15 Million Trading (16)

By investing in education and continuously expanding your knowledge base, you enhance your ability to make informed trading decisions and increase your chances of reaching the remarkable milestone of generating $15 million from forex trading.

Once you have gathered sufficient knowledge of the market, you then need to master your trading strategy as this will enable you to get in and out of the trades profitably in the long run.

Mastering your trading strategy and sticking to it would automatically attract investors to you.

From my story, you can see the importance of having a trading journal.

It was my well-documented trading journal that those investors accessed that gave them the confidence to invest such a colossal amount with me.

So, for you too to m15 Million dollars lars in trading, you need to have a well-packaged trading journal that can be sent to investors.

My Forex Mastery students have a dashboard where they can send in their journals so that we can access, and provide investors for them.

The answer is yes! Forex can make you a millionaire if you are a hedge fund trader with a large sum.

But forex from rags to riches for the majority is usually a rocky and bumpy ride which often leaves some traders in their dreams.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind;

While forex trading can provide you with opportunities for significant profits, it is crucial to approach it with caution and a realistic mindset.

Many factors, including market volatility, economic conditions, and unforeseen events, can impact your trading outcomes.

Always assess your financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment goals before engaging in forex trading.

Good luck With Trading!

Forex Millionaire: The Concepts Made me $15 Million Trading (2024)


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This is very straightforward, the amount of money you trade with will determine the amount of potential returns. In other words, you can't start with $50 and expect $1,000,000 in profit in one trade. With $1000 and a 100% profit rate every year, it would still take you 10 years to make $1,000,000.

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Top Earners$192,500$3,701
75th Percentile$181,000$3,480
25th Percentile$57,500$1,105

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